Evening with the Dove

Evening with the Dove is an annual celebration of the past year's successes, honors several individuals at the center of Urban Dove's work, and raises funds used to support our students. Next year we will be celebrating our 21st Annual Evening with the Dove. The pending date is Tuesday, May 16th.

Softball Challenge

Each summer, the Softball Challenge pairs New York's top firms with Urban Dove students in a round-robin softball tournament in Central Parks' Great Lawn. The friendly competition is followed up with an after-party where the champion is crowned. The date for the 2023 Softball Challenge is still pending. To sponsor the event, please email Andrew Rubinson at

Sleep-away Camp

The Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts is Urban Dove's home-away-from-home. We gather students, alumni, and staff every year for a sleep-away summer camp experience, complete with Color War, campfires, waterfront and talent shows. It is the culminating event of our program year and launch of each new school year.