Our Mission


Urban Dove energizes, educates, and empowers young people through our network of UD Team Charter Schools serving over-age/under-credited high school students. UD Team's innovative model uses sports, teams, restorative practices and mentoring to create a culture of high expectations and shared responsibility. By instilling our core values of Teamwork, Leadership and Communication, we develop our students into confident young adults ready to reach their full potential.


Urban Dove envisions a world where all children receive the high-quality education and support they need and deserve. Through education, they will acquire the critical skills needed to develop into economically, socially, and emotionally independent adults who are empowered to create a more just and equitable society for future generations.


Urban Dove energizes students through a sports, nutrition, and fitness program that focuses on developing teamwork, healthy competition, and self-confidence for academic and life success.


Urban Dove educates over-aged, under-credited students through a 3-year project-based, personalized instructional program that leads to a high-school diploma, a foundation for higher education, and the job skills needed to enter the world of work.


Urban Dove empowers disconnected youth by providing leadership opportunities, internships, and support so they can build confidence and self-esteem.