Our Model


Urban Dove has used twenty years of experience in youth development to create an innovative school model to serve high school students who are are off-track to graduation. UD Team Charter Schools are designed to energize, educate and empower using several unique key design elements that teach life skills along with academic skills. By providing students with positive, caring adults, individualized instruction and membership on a team, we have created a safe, supportive model that is successfully helping students get back on track to graduation and beyond. Our holistic model of programming includes:

Sports-Based Youth Development

UD Team's Sports Based Youth Development (SBYD) curriculum promotes health and wellness, improves engagement and attendance, supports students' social and emotional development, fosters investment in academics, and builds a positive school culture.


HiRisers is a paid internship program in which students receive professional training as Youth Staff, running after-school and summer programming for elementary age students. Youth Staff teach younger participants important life skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership. Youth staff prepare and facilitate workshops, organize and coach games, and act as role models for their younger peers.

Curriculum & Instruction

Academic classes feature a task-based individualized learning plan for each student. Teachers use differentiated instruction, so students get targeted interventions that meet their needs and skill level. Each classroom has two teachers, serving both general education and special education students.

Restorative Practice

At UD Team, we utilize a Restorative Practice model of addressing student behavior. We've learned that punitive, suspension-based systems are not only ineffective, but also harmful for both students and families. Our Restorative Practice model has shown great success in helping to curb anti-social behavior and develop a strong sense of community

College All Stars

College All Stars (CAS) is a class taken by all students each year and is part of the C-DOS Regents exam credit. CAS provides students and families with financial aid information, college tours, SAT prep, and information on the college application process. Support continues on through to college graduation and the world of work.

Bridges Mentors

The Bridges Mentoring Program is an opportunity for UD Team Schools to build a stronger school community and empower students to learn and grow away from the courts, fields, and classroom. Students are matched with a Staff mentor, encouraging attendance and providing another layer of support.