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Urban Dove's programs and schools couldn't run without the help of our amazing team! From within the classroom, on the field, or wherever they journey in life, Urban Dove staff members help young people turn their dreams into reality. Some of our department work areas include:

Sports Based Youth Development

UD Team's Sports Based Youth Development (SBYD) curriculum promotes health and wellness, improves engagement and attendance, supports students' social and emotional development, fosters investment in academics, and builds a positive school culture.

Curriculum & Instruction

Academic classes feature a task-based individualized learning plan for each student. Teachers use differentiated instruction, so students get targeted interventions that meet their needs and skill level. Each classroom has two teachers, serving both general education and special education students.


Our Operations Teams are critical to the success and efficiency of our schools.  They take care of everything from bus scheduling and facilities management to finances and attendance analysis. Their strong work allows our School Leaders to focus on instruction, observation, and behavior. Because of their support, students, teachers, and leaders thrive.

Student Support Services

At UD Team, our Student Support Staff utilizes a Restorative Practice model of addressing student behavior. We've learned that punitive, suspension-based systems are not only ineffective, but also harmful for both students and families. Our Restorative Practice model has shown great success in helping to curb anti-social behavior and develop a strong sense of community.  Our SSS department consists of Deans, Social Workers and support staff.

College & Career Readiness

Working in conjunction with our Youth Development department, CCR is a critical element of our UD Team school model. All students, every year, take several classes that build their youth development skills, with a focus on the behaviors and information needed to be successful in their pursuit of a college education and/or a career.

Central Office (CMO)

The Central Office is the non-profit entity that manages the Urban Dove Charter Schools. The CMO provides a wide range of services–including back office functions, accounting, hiring, professional development, data analysis, public relations, advocacy, and more. The CMO is also responsible for providing support structures for the schools and ensuring proper replication of the model as the organization expands.

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